cuddles in bed watching a movie would be great right now

faith lehane + hair porn

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(make me choose): anonymous asked: anya or tara?

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These almond cookies are very aggressive.


These almond cookies are very aggressive.

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please turn on the audio for this

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Anonymous asked: What's your dream girl like?

Well, my dream girl is funny, smart, passionate, someone I can sit with in silence and not be bored, someone who will watch disney movies with me in the middle of the night when we can’t sleep, someone who will put up with my love for 3D puzzles and horror movies, someone who will drive around aimlessly with me with the windows down just listening to the radio for hours, someone who will cuddle with me when I’ve had a bad day, someone who loves my family just as much as I do. And lastly, someone who doesn’t care how awkward and weird I am, haha.

Is it too much to ask for the girl of my dreams to show up on my doorstep tomorrow? It would be much appreciated.